『 Poo-kun's trip』 9 Poo-kun, the first love

● 9 Poo-kun, the first love

"It was a lot of fun! I hope I can meet another person again."
"Oh, right? I wasn't that bad though."
Unko looked into Poop's face.
"Really? Wasn't it really fun? Isn't it?"
"Because I was a shy person since I was a kid, I was always hiding behind my mother's shadow..."
"Huh! Punch-kun, do you remember your mother? Do you have a living together?"
"Of course. But it was only a very short time."
"I'm jealous, I'm jealous. I don't remember anything about my mom."
"So how did Unko-chan grow up?"
"Soon after I was born, I was taken to my aunt's house. He didn't die because she had no children."
Girlfriend's story was new to Poop. Poo-kun's few friends were living with their mother for only a month or a month and a half. In that short time, she taught what she could teach, and the mothers soon died.
However, according to Unko-chan, when she was born, she was told that her mother was dead.
"Isn't it a little different for poop and shit?"
"I don't know much about that, but, as Poo-kun says, maybe it's not the Poo-Unko group, but the Poo-Unko group."
If so, Punch-kun thinks. After all, I prefer the Poop tribe. After all, it's unreasonable that I can't see my mother's face after being born in this world.
Despite thinking about that, he was still unaware of his small changes.
 My own language, way of thinking and how to deal with events were gradually changing. In a nutshell, it was growth, and in a bit more difficult word, it might be maturity.
In any case, he and she were starting to change at a rapid pace.

 In the international exchange, I was pooping for a long time, but there was a point where I looked again at Unko. I used to think that I was just an acquaintance, but I was really surprised that I could interact so positively with the person I met for the first time.
 When I jumped out into this vast ocean, I really thought that she was glad to be with me.
 At the same time, feelings I had never felt before came up in my body.
(I don't want to see Eunko-chan with those guys anymore...)
why? He didn't think. Although he was growing rapidly, he wasn't able to calmly and objectively see himself. Further maturity is necessary to objectively see oneself.
However, I was able to understand if this feeling that I was holding was jealousy, and that it often had a close relationship with romantic feelings.
(Are I jealous of the big guys and stuff of that body? I mean, maybe I'm in love with Unko-chan? idiot! (;´д`)
Punch-kun held his head there. Like Romeo in distress.
(Are you in love with your poop? Is it also for your poop? Seriously...)
 When thinking so much, Punch-kun was relieved. I remembered my mother's words.
(Yeah, mother said, once you reach the wide sea, live as your instinct goes!)
He then turned to Unko-chan's back, eager for a cool look and devouring food.
(Don't hesitate anymore! I'm a poop... I like Unko-chan! I love you!)
"Eh? Poop, did you say something now?"
The squid's legs were sticking out of the mouth of Eko-chan turning around, and was moving.


 ●9 うんちくん、初めての恋ごころ


「すっごく楽しかったね! また、ほかのだれかに会えるといいなあ」

「そ、そうかな? オレは、それほどでもなかったけど」


「ほんとうに? ほんとに楽しくなかったの? ぜんぜん?」


「えっ! うんちくん、お母さんのことおぼえてるの? いっしょにくらしたこと、あるんだ?」


















 なぜ? とは彼は考えなかった。確かに彼は急速に成長してはいたものの、自分という存在を、冷静に客観視できるまでには至っていなかったからだ。自身を客観視するには、さらなる成熟が必要だ。


(オレは、あの体のデカイやつらに嫉妬しているのか? ということはオレ、もしかしたら、ウンコちゃんに恋してるのか? そんなバカな!(;´д`)


(うんちのくせに、恋だって? それも、ウンコに対して? マジか……)




(もう迷わない! オレは、うんちくんであるオレは……ウンコちゃんのことが好きだ! 大好きだ!)

「え? うんちくん、いま何か言った?」