『 Poo-kun's trip』10

● 10 Poo-kun, confess the shock!

 One day. After the hiru's meal was over, he was finally enjoying a nap, and his back was poked hard.

Unko-chan was a little embarrassed, squirming.

"I have a story ..."

"Yeah, what's wrong with you?"

Unco-chan went up and down the sea surface, so Poo-kun also followed. It was a sunny day, the sunlight shined into the sea, and it shimmered, and it was very beautiful.

Suddenly turning around, Unko-chan said:

"I feel like I'm crazy ..."

I didn't immediately understand what was being talked about, and Punch-kun thought a little. And thought.

(Did you say it's done?) But it was weird enough to call me out ...)

Unko-chan is lying down with her cheeks red.

"Wow! Did you mean that your child was crazy?"

Unko-chan, nodding down and nodding.

Eh! Ehhhhh! She pounces on her elbow as if he was foolish, repeating the same words as foolish.

"Child ... so when are you planning to have a baby?

Whose child? I was about to ask and I hurriedly closed my mouth. I thought that kind of flow was a pattern that I would definitely try later.


After all, whether it should be natural or not, her pregnancy was just a mistake. It was natural to think of it, and there was no suspicion in the first place. But it was a shocking event in a sense.

Unko was constipated!

"The Sea of ◯◯Okhotsk is so rich in food that we eat too much."

"Tehhehe, sorry"

Unko-chan slammed her head. Gimmon suddenly sprung on the poo-kun's head, looking at her cute little gesture with slightly cold eyes.

(Unko-chan's constipation ...? What exactly does this mean? I wonder if there's an unko as well? Or, the unko as the first word and the unko as the next word have some nature. Is it different?)

The bad habit of Poop-kun started or started. Philosophically speaking, it sounds like poop, but he's skeptical about shit.

However, it seemed that his thought experiment would stop.

(I'm a poop, so I wonder if there's a poop in my case?) But isn't it strange? People and poops come out from humans, and humans come from humans So, is that all right ......... ??

The fact that she could put up difficult things on the shelves in this way might also be Pochi-kun's beauty.

Unleashed from meaningless tension, they spent some time floating in the waves of the Sea of Okhotsk.



● 10 うんちくん、衝撃の告白をきく!




「うん? あ、どうしたの。あらたまっちゃって」





(デキちゃったって、おできのこと? でも、おできができたくらいで、わざわざ俺をよび出すなんて変だし……)


「えっ! デキちゃったって、もしかして、子どもがデキたってこと?」


 えーー! えーーーー! とバカみたいに同じ言葉をくりかえすうんちくんに、彼女は、じれったそうにひじでつついてくる。

「子ども……それで出産予定はいつ頃なの? ていうか、それって……」

 誰の子ども? と聞きそうになってあわてて口を閉じた。そういう流れって、あとで絶対もめるパターンだよな、と思ったからだ。







(ウンコちゃんが、便秘……? これはいったいどういうことだろう? ウンコからも、ウンコが出てくるんだろうか? それとも最初の単語としてのウンコと、次の単語としてのウンコは、何か性質が異なっているのか?)



(オレはうんちだ。ということは、オレの場合はうんちが出てくるのかな? でもなんかそれって、おかしくないか? 人間からはうんちもウンコも出てくるし、人間から人間も産まれてくるから、それはそれでいい……のか?……な? まっ、いいか!)