『 Poo-kun's trip』12

●12 Poo, meet friends


 During the severe winter, the Bering Sea, which may freeze up, escaped to the eastern sea.

The Alaskan Sea is an area close to the Arctic, but due to the ocean current, it is an area with many creatures that feed even in winter.

During the trip, I had a nice encounter. I made friends with humpback whales. But what made me a friend was a little complicated for Poop.


On that day, Unchi-kun and Unko-chan were crazy eating food with a lot of krill and fish. Then, strangely, the sea became white. Stopping eating food, Poop-kun said.

"Huh? The water is getting white. Is this the same yahoo I saw someday?"

"But at that time, white bubbles floated on the surface of the water instead of in the sea, but this white one seems to rise from the bottom of the sea..."

Until then, I could still see food and fish, but over time, it turned into a pure white world and I could not see anything.

"Poop-kun? I can't see where!"

"Unko-chan, I can't even see anything. Hold your hands so that they don't separate... your hands?

It was a white foam. Even though it was a bubble, it was a bubble that came from under the sea, unlike the wave of waves. Many bubbles rise from the bottom like a round circle. Both Plankton and the other fish have been gathered near the surface of the sea so that they could be pushed up by the bubbles in the air.

 At that time, we hear strange sounds. It sounded like rubbing something, singing something.

Something came from the bottom. The enormous, gigantic, something ascending with a tremendous ascent, sucked all living things into a large cavity.

 Along with a large amount of seawater and fish, Punch-kun also fell into the dark abyss.


(Difficult!...I've been crossing a dangerous bridge many times so far, but this time it may be really useless...I'm scared, I'm disheartened.... At least, at least I'd like Unko-chan to help me... Blackout)


Mysteriously, when he noticed, he was wandering underwater before he knew it. There was no one around.

"What happened? What exactly happened..."

 When I muttered a word, I could see it from just a few meters away. It was a big eye.

"Who are you?"

"I'm a whale. I'm a whale. To be more precise, it's a humpback whale. Gahahaha!"

 When I introduced myself, he laughed briskly. Violent vibrations were transmitted from the seawater, and Pouch-kun shook.

"Sorry I'm sorry, in fact, I put it together with other feeds and drank together with you. No, it was bad. I apologize like this."

 When the whale bowed its head, the sea surface shook violently, and Punch-kun was crushed by the waves again.

"That means I got into your stomach?"

"It will be like that"

"But now you're out like this?"

"I've done a poop, so I'm a real unko poop. You're a King of Poop. Gaha ha ha!"

 He had mixed feelings. Even if he was called King, he was not happy. Because the mystery still remained.

"Why didn't I get digested in your stomach?"

"It's decided. Isn't it pooping?"

 A whale said so, she stared at her with big and sparse eyes.

"We eat food and digest it to nourish. It's a big body because we eat so much. But poop is a poop from the beginning. I can digest what's been a poop from the beginning. It’s not like that, Gahahahaha!”

 He doesn't know what it is all about.

(...I mean I have no nutrition at all? Why then do I eat food?)

There he got inspiration.

(Huh!...Maybe I'm Punch-kun as the ultimate completed form of Unko?)

♠ It’s a congratulatory guy.


 The humpback whale has a total length of around 15m, which is a medium-sized category of whales, but it is a long pectoral fin that is characteristic compared to other whales. It also lives in the polar regions of the northern and southern hemispheres, and in winter it moves to the equator to breed, give birth, and raise children. Also known as a singing whale, it sings songs ranging from a few minutes to 30 minutes. Very complex and sophisticated communication techniques are used, such as combining melodies and repeating the phrases that compose them.

 Also, the habit of eating food using a special and advanced technology called bubble net feeding is famous. A few of them rotate and spit out bubbles in the sea, and by floating the bubbles in a spiral shape, they feed food such as fish to the surface of the sea, and swallow it with a big mouth. It can be said that this is a fish only by highly intelligent creatures.


 He came from the northern sea and was about to move to the warm sea. I heard a lot of stories I've had so far from a whale that repeats global migration.

 It was a strange first time meeting, but the whale was a very nice guy, and I felt like Punch-kun was the first time to meet someone I could call my friend.

 The whale told the sea near the equator that he would have to continue a long journey. At the time of parting, Punch-kun asked.

"Isn't it difficult for you to travel so long?"

 The whale stared at the setting sun that was sinking to the horizon. And when I squinted, it was like this.

"Everything that lives is a journey. Living is a journey. And at the end, it's always on the way, and suddenly comes."

 When I muttered an enlightened word, he said at last.

"Mom said so."

 It was the first time for Punch-kun to ever want to hear more and talk more.

 Humpback whales left for the southern seas, feeling remorse for each other.



●12 うんちくん、友だちと出会う







「あれ? 水が白くなってきたぞ。これって、いつか見たのと同じやつかな?」



「うんちくん? どこ、見えないよ!」










「どうしたんだ? いったい何が起きたっていうんだろう……」



「わしか? わしはクジラだ。より正確にいえばザトウクジラだ。ガッハッハッハ!」














(……ということは、オレには栄養なんか全然ないってことか? だったらなぜオレはエサを食べてるんだろ?)