『 Poo-kun's trip』16 (End)

●16 Poo and Unko aim for their hometown. And...


 He and her began to trace the river, aiming for the upstream where they were born. It was literally dead.


 The first thing that appeared was the embankment downstream. For many years, they had been swimming back and forth in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Sea of ​​Alaska according to the changing seasons, and they had acquired amazing swimming ability.

 He and she cleared this.


The next thing that appeared was the midstream basin, which was extremely fast. Until then, it was a wide and slow stream, but at that place there were huge rocks on the left and right, and the width of the river was narrow. If the same amount of water is flowing, it makes sense that the flow will be slow if the river is wide and fast if it is narrow.

 He was able to break through it in one go. She finally succeeded in her third try. However, the physical strength lost to pass through this difficult place was beyond my imagination. Just above it was a slow flow. They rested for a while in the large pool.

 He and she cleared here as well.


 He and her body were tattered. Moreover, I haven't eaten food since I entered the river. The instinct dictates so. My physical strength was gradually reduced as I cleared one difficulty, while the wall that I was able to overcome gradually increased.


The last thing that appeared was the waterfall, which should be called the most difficult task. This is the appearance of the final boss. Fortunately, however, there was a deep waterhole directly below the waterfall.

 The condition for an animal swimming underwater to ride over a place like a waterfall is not the head, but the depth and length of the waterhole. For example, flying fish can glide over 100 meters in the sea because of a long run in the water before leaving the surface, which is the same reason.

 The waterhole also had a sufficient depth and was spacious enough to take a break. The challenge came up many times. I started swimming in the shallow water of the waterfall, and continued to challenge myself again and again from the waterfall that was falling deeply toward the waterfall. He repeated taking a rest after swimming and then taking a rest and trying again.

DAY, TWO DAYS... And finally, on the third day, it was her who got over the waterfall first. I still had to move on to this moment, and the strong thoughts had struck her and swung her whole body. Two days later, he was able to cross the waterfall and go upstream.

 He and she cleared the waterfall.


"...Here, no mistake"

He muttered. Although he was completely exhausted, his expression was full of strange life.

"I finally arrived..."

 I decided to take a good rest on that day. He and she fell into a deep deep sleep.

He had a dream of a lion.

She had a dream of a princess.


Next day ---.

 He and she scrutinized the bottom of the river. In order to make the offspring more likely to survive, they had to choose where the spring water was clean. After confirming the appearance of Kawadoko in many places, I finally found a place where I was satisfied.

 She was wandering around the area for a while, but when she laid her sideways, she moved her tail fin up and down, and began to fly off pebbles. I made good use of the flow of water to fly off large stones and made a depression at the bottom of the river.

The river bed has a dent with a depth of 40 cm and a length of about 1 m. After a while, she gently sank herself there. He also leaned next to him.

 He and her whole body are already injured, and even blood is oozing out. However, I didn't care about that. It was the last big job to connect their genes to the next generation to leave offspring.


 He and she completed the biggest job of their lives. And that time came ---.


 He and her lie on the banks of a clear river.

"Our lives may be nearing the end."

"...Yes, I'm very tired."

 The river was surrounded by a thick forest, from which I could see a pure blue sky.

"I'm glad I met Punch."

"I am also. Thanks to meeting Unko-chan... oh!

She laughed very happy.

"Nostalgic... Hey, why don't we just call each other once again in the old way?"

He hesitated. It was terrible to say what I was when I was young.


She said with a soft and gentle voice. He remained calm.

"...Hey, can you call me?"


"After all, I'm more comfortable with this than I'm with Poop-kun and Unko-kun... Ah! I've noticed it for the first time now."

 What serious thing he had noticed was that he continued his words.

"I have never been confessed by Poop-kun."

"What is this confession?"

 She said something good, but suddenly she began to gasp and gasped.

"What's wrong with you?"

 She held her breath for a while and said something like this.

"Death isn't just sad. It's the kind of thing that you've lived to the fullest, and the last witness is that you are forgiven for a long sleep. That's why I'm not sad now. thing"

 He put up with patience so that the drops that gathered in his eyes would not spill.

"If there's one thing that makes me sad, don't confess."

He closed his eyes. He built himself up and spoke in a small, whispering voice that only her could hear.

"I always liked it."

⇒ Her eyes were faint. I was smiling. Yeah, I thought I liked this soft smile.

"...I like it too"

“I loved you, and I've always loved you for years to come. Don't forget.”

Her mouth looked like (thanks...). But I couldn't hear the voice anymore.

"No, don't sleep before me!"

A drop of water spilled from her eyes. There was a smile on his lips.

At the end of the day, she took a long breath.


 At that time, he feels his power gradually disappears because of his body. Next to her, with a gentle expression as if she was asleep, she greets herself and closes her eyes.

 In my mind, many events and memories are flowing like a movie.

I went down a river together and saw the sea for the first time, and was surprised at its size, and embarked on an adventure trip that seems reckless. Having an international exchange during the trip. Being frightened by natural enemies, I was saved for the rest of my life. And I wanted to talk more with that big humpback whale.

All of this was fun too... Yes, I was flying! He laughed softly there. In retrospect, good and bad are all nostalgic memories.

On the banks of the clear river, Punch-kun and Ekko-chan, with a faint smile, slept snuggly into a long, long, eternal sleep.



Then the next year-children were born in the river of his hometown where he and she had come to an end. The baby poops and the baby poops went down the river on the melted snow in the spring, aiming for a distant ocean.






●16 うんちくんとウンコちゃん、故郷をめざす。そして……







































「オレもだ。ウンコちゃんに会えたおかげで……あ! 呼びかた、まちがえた」








「あたしときみはやっぱり、ウンコさんとうんちくんっていうより、このほうがしっくりくるんだね……あ! いまになって、わたし初めて気づいた」























 どれもこれも全部楽しかったなあ……そうだ、オレは空も飛んだじゃないか! 彼はそこで、ふっと笑った。ふりかえってみれば、いいことも悪いことも、そのすべてが懐かしい思い出だ。