『 Poo-kun's trip』13

●13 Poop, become an adult


The season goes around.

 We repeated the comings and goings of the Bering Sea, which can easily overtake the heat in the summer, and the Alaskan Sea, which is full of food in the winter, for several years.


It was almost the beginning of summer. They were in the Bering Sea, just as they were when they first went out to sea. Although he was eating food, he wasn't eating as much as it was before.

 Since the sun was rising just above my head, I was about to reach the depth of about 1 meter in depth and feel warm while spending the heat.


"Hey, Eunko-chan. I feel like I've grown somehow these days."

Unko chanted a small nod and stared at the poo-kun.

"I've been thinking about it for a while, but I don't think it should be called anymore."

"What story?"

"I'm Unko-chan, and you're Unchi-kun. I think this name is very childish."

Urgently told me that I wasn't expecting, Punch-kun was afraid. For some reason the embarrassment started to get worse and I looked away from her and answered.

"I see. I'm afraid that way..."

"I don't look good enough to call him a poop. I'm an adult enough."

"Adult? Me?"

 For humans, there is a mirror, but I was frustrated that he could not see what he was doing.

"I didn't realize I had changed the name before I knew it.  I used to say about myself, but now I'm not here."

 He said, he thought it might be true. It's been a long time, and I don't think I'm using words.

"If you say so, Unko-chan was sick, but before I knew it, I wasn't changing to me. Did you purposely change your name?"

 She shook her neck with an ennui feeling.

"It wasn't intentional. It happened naturally. I suppose it would grow. And it's always girls who grow earlier than boys."

"Is that right? But I feel like my body is bigger..."

"It's not about the body. I'm talking about feelings and hearts."

She watched the seaweed sway in the sea.

"When you were still a kid, you thought you were better than a dungeon, right?"

I was aware of it. That's what she says. At that time there was a sense among him that there was no doubt that they were the better. For no reason.

"But now that consciousness has completely disappeared. Is it different?"

"I don't understand, that's right."

When I looked at Unko-chan without any help, she was staring at me. It seemed to him that something like determination had dwelled in that pupil.

"You and I are the same. But at the same time, you and I are different. Isn't that right?"

He nodded. I felt that what she said was all right.

"Unko is the same. But I'm different. Everyone's different, everyone's good. One human being, one Eun, and one world."


I didn't understand the story from the middle.

"Poop is a poop, Poop is a poop. Do you understand?"


 Poop is Unco, Unco is Poo... I tried to repeat it like a riddle spell, but it was like a mystery of Zen questions.

"I don't really understand, I mean, all Euns are like brothers and sisters..."

She shouted, laughing out loud.

"I wouldn't be far away without hitting it."

The small discomfort that Punch-kun was unconsciously disappearing was completely clean as I lived together for life in this wide sea.

"I'm going to call you "poo-san". You can call me any way you like."

He answered after a little thought.

"Okay, Unko-san?"

Girlfriend smiled. Apparently the answer was correct.

"Everyone has a "san", but the ones at "poo" and "unko" are different. It's true that we should have a family name, but that seems to be another troublesome problem. So let's go with that for now.''

 He and her smiled. It felt like I could understand each other for the first time in a deep place. And because the name was changed, Punch-kun felt like he had peeled away.


 I am very happy that he and her have changed their names by growing up. However, in advancing this story, where there are few remaining, I would like to forgive you to write it as "Unchi-kun" and "Unko-chan" as before, as a third person with some attachment.


--- And, a while later, he who was napping was not listening to the words that she had with her.

"Maybe there's not much time left..."



●13 うんちくん、〈うんちさん〉になる
















「おとな? オレが?」


「自分でも知らないうちに、自分の呼び方が変わってたこと気づかなかった? 前までは自分のことを僕っていってたのに、いまはオレっていってるじゃない」





「そうなの? でも、からだはオレのほうが大きいような気が……」