『 Poo-kun's trip』14

●14 Poo, hometown and instinct


It was a hot summer.

Despite their usually weak appetite season, their appetite has increased for some reason. I ate so much about the plankton, which was terrifyingly full, and the myriad of big and small creatures that had gathered to eat it.

 It was the first time in a long time that I had eaten enough food to fill my stomach like this every day.

"Oh, I ate it. I'm over, no more."

"Don't be angry. It's not another body."

I was shocked. It's a conversation like a newlywed couple.


Unko-chan was surprised.

"Poop, hey. It looks like my face has changed."

"Did your face change? Faces won't change so suddenly, usually."

"That's why it's unusual. It feels like the nose or mouth is swirling."

 It is frustrating to see the mirror. But when I touch it, I feel that the nose is different from the front.

"Ah! Maybe I was injured during that storm?"

"Maybe it was because I had such terrible eyes."

Approximately ten days ago, Poop-kun flew in the sky.


 On that day, there were many clouds from the morning, and the sky was covered with clouds that seemed to be black and shiny. The wind was strong and the waves were high from the day before, so the poops were rare and very difficult.

"I'm tired of swinging in the sea like this."

Unko-chan felt a little tired.

"Really, the food disappeared somewhere, and before I knew it, I couldn't even see the fish and birds. I think we're the only ones around here."

"I'm kinda scared. I hope something bad doesn't happen..."

The wind became stronger. After that, the wind just stopped for a moment. I could see the blue sky as if there was a hole in the black cloud.

"Look, Unko-san. It's been sunny! It was nice."

"... stillness before the storm, etc."

Unko-chan's prophecy was right. It was called the typhoon's eyes and it was only a short break.

Immediately after, a storm came over. Punch-kun looked out of the water with curiosity, without hearing that Eunko-chan stopped. At that time, a strange sight caught my eyes.

 A slender, giant pipe-like thing came down from the black clouds, and it began to shake near the sea surface. The next moment when I was wondering what it was, the strip was attached to the sea.

The noise was loud.

A terrible breeze blew, and as I looked, I began to lift the seawater around. This is a tornado! When I thought so, Poop was floating in the air with the surrounding water.

I haven't remembered much since then. Punch-kun's specialty, fainting.


 However, I do not know how high it was, but when I was floating in the air while being swirled by the wind, my consciousness returned for a moment.

An unbelievable sight was spreading in front of me. Similarly, countless groups of fish and plankton, and for some reason even frogs, were spinning at a tremendous speed.

Immediately before regaining consciousness, Punch-kun saw the ocean rolling far beyond. A long time ago, the orange sun was shining on the sea.

(How beautiful...)

Blackout again.


 Unko-chan struck me when I was floating in the sea.

"Are you okay? Firmly, see, keep it up!"

"Oh, it's okay. I'm already here."

It's been soaked too much, and that seems to make me sick.

"I wonder what happened. I wonder if I had a dream."

"What are you saying carefree? You weren't caught in a stormy tornado and blown into the sky!"

I remembered that beautiful scene. Well, wasn't it a dream...

"I mean, did you fly in the sky? It's from this me that you're flapping in the sky?"

≪He told her about the scene that he saw for a moment from the air, looking at her with a proper eye. Even though it was such a short time, I felt like I could talk as much as I wanted.


A few days later.

It wasn't because the storm flew that the face changed, but it might have been one of the triggers.

The announcement came abruptly and suddenly in the middle of his body. I bit it for a while. Instead of thinking, I felt with my whole body.

He said to her

"It's almost time for us to return home"

 As she knew about it, she didn't show any terrible sighs and nodded firmly once.

“Okay, let's go home.

"Yeah. Let's go home, to our hometown."


 Under the wind's faint smell of autumn, Punch-kun and Unko-chan went on a long journey to the west.



●14 うんちくん、故郷へかえれと本能がつげる











「顔が変わったって? 顔なんてそんな急に変化しないでしょう、ふつう」



「あっ! もしかして、あの嵐のときにけがしたのかな?」










「ほら見て、うんこさん。急に晴れてきたよ! よかったよかった」






 すさまじい風が吹きつけ、見る見るうちにあたりの海水を空中に持ちあげはじめた。ヤバい、これが竜巻ってやつか! そう思ったときには、うんちくんはまわりの水ごと空中に浮かんでいたのだった。










「だいじょうぶ? しっかりして、ほら、おきてってば!」






「ってことはオレ、もしかして空を飛んだ? このオレのこのからだが、大空に羽ばたいたってこと?」