『 Poo-kun's trip』15


●15 Poop, finally to the river of my hometown


Punch-kun and Unko-chan swam hard. Off the Bering Sea, he was heading to the hometown of the sea in the north west of the Pacific Ocean.

"Unko-chan, you've been swimming a lot, but are you tired of it?"

"I'm still going, because I can't wait too long."

Replying to her, she felt so full. However, because he is swimming next to him, he is beginning to shake right and left.

"I'm going to rest here today. If you fly too much, you'll come back later."

"Okay, let's do that."

 As before, I was careful not to blindly chase food and reduce physical strength. When I saw plankton or squid in the daytime, I decided to think about this and eat it for nutrition, and to sleep well at night.

In that way, they aimed for their hometown.

When I left for the trip, as my mother told me, I headed for the eastern sea according to my instinct. But they know exactly where to go now. To get to that place earnestly ---. It was a magnificent trip of about 3000km.


One day, Unko-chan said.

"Let's head south from here."

"What's wrong?"

"The position where the sun rises has changed."

I would like to explain a little bit about the regression instinct here.

The height of their ability to find the birthplace of Mother River has become clear from cases that have already been studied in various ways. However, there is still no single ability to declare this clearly, and it is believed that a combination of several abilities that were born or acquired are used to return.

First, the <Solar Compass>. This is the ability to memorize the position of the sun and the locus of operation, and figure out the present location where we are.

The second is the detection of <geomagnetism>. As its name implies, geomagnetism is the magnetic field that exists on the earth. In magnets, N is the north pole and S is the south pole. The earth itself is a magnet, and it is said that their body has an organ that senses this geomagnetism.

The third is the well-known olfaction. It exerts one and two abilities when crossing a wide sea, and this third ability when land is close. The idea is to find the river where they were born, the so-called mother river, by relying on the "scent of the river" that they remembered when they were young.

 It is easy to put into words, but it can only be described as an incredible super ability.


"Ah! Look, isn't it land?"

Unko-chan's voice was bouncing.

 Of course you can't see it from the sea, but it seems that you checked it with a little face. Punch also looked out of the sea and looked at her.

It was still visible for a long time, but it seemed that I could finally come near the land.

"Really. We're finally back!"

"It’s finally here."

They looked up at each other. But she immediately got a look.

"But I'm still relieved. It's getting closer to the land..."

"There is a possibility that the natural enemies will also grow."


 Unko-chan looked seriously at the face of Uchi-kun, who was impressed.

"Somehow Punch's face has changed like a different person."

 He understood that he was talking about his nose. From the time my hometown was approaching, my nose became even sharper and bent even more. Now I can see it with my own eyes.

"Is Unko also aware of yourself? The body color is going to be amazing."

 Not only her, but also his body color was changing to a marriage color called “Bunake”. There is a theory that the side part of the body looks like the autumn leaves of a beech tree, but it is not certain.

In any case, their instinct was telling them that this long journey was nearing the end.


I arrived at the mouth of the river. The river where I was born and raised was the place to pour into the sea.


Poo-kun made a quiet voice. Eunko-chan nodded and answered.

"Here it is... I'm sure"

The olfact clearly stated that the various components that were slightly contained in the flowing freshwater were the mother river where he and her were born and raised.

 The estuary is a brackish water area where seawater and freshwater are mixed, and they who have long lived in seawater needed to adapt themselves to freshwater in this area for a while. And after that, they never eat any food.

"It's almost night. Let's take a good rest."

She nodded silently.

After that, since it plays a role at the end of its life, it only burns the remaining life.



●15 うんちくん、いよいよ故郷の川へ























「あっ! 見て、あれってもしかして陸じゃない?」













「ウンコさんも自分で気づいてる? 体の色がすごいことになってるぞ」