『 Poo-kun's trip』11 

● 11 Unchi-kun encounters an attacker!

The sea water is getting colder.

The wind, which often came from the south, was getting stronger from the north and west. Water and wind that quivered the two men were telling us that winter was approaching.

Punchi-kun asked Eunko-chan while breathing on his disgusting hand.

"It's cold, right? It's almost winter, right? We're in this cold sea, but aren't we?"

"Even if I asked such a thing... Pooh-kun would have been told by his mother that he would go to the wide sea and live according to his instinct. What does that instinct mean? Why?”

 It felt a little bit sour, Eko-chan asked back. Poo-kun looked in a troubled face.

"That's the reason my instinct hasn't been activated recently..."

"Isn't it because I'm living a slim life?"

I felt like I was hurt. It was certainly a warm season, and I couldn't eat enough food, so I didn't have to worry about living that day.

However, Punch-kun thought that it might be the same for her. I wonder if that was the reason I got constipated because I ate too much krill and squid.


At first glance, a white object floated between the waves.

"Wow, pretty! What is it that looks like that white flower?"

 The waves rising around them were accompanied by swelling, creating white foam-like lumps in the waves. It was a natural phenomenon called Nami no Hana. Although it is also known as the seaweed of the red alga Caculite, it is a plant that mainly grows in the rocky areas of the sea near the Chubu region in Japan.

However, this is the northern sea area, and I don't think it lives in this cold current area. It is better to think of this as the "flower of waves," which is an analogy of the waves that shattered in the northern seas during the harsh season, flying like flowers.

 When I was vaguely looking at the flower of the wave, a pungent urge arose in my poop.

"Unko, we shouldn't be here!"

"What happened suddenly? Well, there's plenty of food here, and the water temperature is just right."

Punch-kun listened to the voice of his heart.

 I didn't know if it was the instinct that started to work after a long time, but I was clearly nervous. I couldn't stand still.

"A full-fledged winter is coming. The Bering Sea can freeze, especially in cold winters. If that happens, you can't move and you can't eat food."

"Why do you understand that... Ah! Maybe the instinct is returning to your hometown?"

"No, I can't go back yet. It's not that time. No, I feel like someone is telling me to go further."

"If you go further, you mean you'll be away from your hometown again?" Somehow, I'm feeling depressed."

 I decided to aim for the sea further while bashing her who seemed to worry.


It was a long trip after a long time. At first, he was completely exhausted, but he was completely exhausted and he was eager to sleep and sleep near the surface of the water.

 At that time, they didn't even notice that there was a big black shadow that swirled in the sky.

 The big shadow suddenly began to dive. At an astonishing speed, it was poking near the surface of the sea.

Bushern! !!

A big splash came up. A large shadow once again soared into the sky. Something was attached to the sharp claws on the ends of the thick legs.

Rewind a few seconds ago and take a look. In slow motion playback.

Unko-chan, who noticed something unusual, looks up. Unko-chan was surprised, but reflexively hits Punch-kun. The next moment, a sharp claw sticks into the sea surface.

He was helped by a single sheet of paper as she hit me everywhere.


Unchi-kun has a distorted face. My back area (?) was throbbing.

"It was torn with my nails."

"Deep scratches?"

"No, it's okay because the scratches are shallow. But I'm glad I didn't catch it. If I did, I might have eaten."

"What the hell is that guy?"

"I think it's probably a white-tailed eagle bird."

 When I enjoyed international exchange one day, he was born in Alaska and he taught me that many white-tailed eagle eaten here.

White-tailed eagle is a member of the bird of prey that has a brown body and a white tail, as written as the white-tailed eagle. It is a large bird with a total length of 90 cm and a length of 2 m when its wings are spread, and it can even attack large fish, waterfowl, and sometimes marine mammals. Most of them come as winter birds in northern and eastern parts of Hokkaido and are designated as natural monuments.

 It was a poop that barely escaped because it would feed the white-tailed eagle, but the back (?) wound did not heal easily.



● 11 うんちくん、襲撃者に遭遇!




「寒いよね? もうすぐ冬だよね? オレたち、こんな寒い海にいるけど、大丈夫なんだよね?」









「うわー、きれい! あの白い花みたいに見えるのは、なんだろう?」









「どうしてそんなことがわかる……あっ! もしかして、本能が故郷へ戻れっていってるとか?」


「もっと先っていうと、また故郷からはなれてしまうって意味? なんだかわたし、心ぼそくなってきちゃったよ」